Broodiness in fall?


5 Years
Jul 25, 2018
Southern California
Hello everybody!
I have a Buff Orpington pullet who's acting like a walking broody (fluffed up, clucking all the time but not sitting). Any chance she'll start sitting on eggs? I had another Buff Orpington (older hen) sit this spring, but then, that was spring. Wondering if they would go broody in fall.
Chickens are chickens and they do what they want when they want, I had one that sat really late and didn't hatch out until end of November lol

you will have to decide if you want to let her sit them or break her
So it's possible that she might sit and I can have chicks? I do have a cockerel that is dutifully caring out his responsibilities (the one contemplating becoming a mother is his favorite girl).
Then most likely if you want to let her sit, mine did fine with her chicks and actually stayed with them longer than usually, she hatched late November and was still with them even though she had resumed laying in Early February.

Note I did give them hay to bed down in until they decided to rejoin the flock and rosot
January seems like a good time for some of mine, and it's not happening here, but it is so annoying!
was glad I did she was the best broody though I lost her defending her babies cause the neighbors dog got her . but other than having to make a place in the snow for em cause they thought snow was evil even -30 didn't bother mine, ya gotta have a sense of adventure according to the hens lol

just razzing ya every flock master will decide to or not

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