Brooding Barred Rocks- Hybrid?


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Jun 5, 2019
I have had bad hatch rates with my barred rock chickens so far, for example about 15-25% hatch rates.

Each time they are all fertilized and fully developed dead in the shell. Most have not pipped, and a unabsorbed yolk.

I was thinking maybe it was problems with the incubator, but I follow instructions, and have had good rates with my bantam breeds...

Also could it cause problems to have difference sized eggs in the same incubator at once? I put them all together with bantams/silkies, barred rocks and a few times with duck eggs as well (which are put in a week earlier to go for the same hatch date), each time the ducks and barred rocks have given me close to nothing, while the bantams have been successful...


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Mar 12, 2012
Middle Georgia
Do you feed them all the same? I'm wondering if they have extra hard shells. I incubate bantams and full sized together without a problem. How's you humidity at the end?

Duck eggs are a whole other ball game. I'd try a batch separately following a duck hatching guide.

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