brooding chicks how much room to give them


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May 3, 2009
Here are my questions

1.How much room do you allow for your cronish x's. They grow so big in three weeks they seem to out grow everything.
2.what temp do you like to start them at. I had mine at 32 and I lost 4 out of 60 until I lowered the temp to like 26 and I never lost anther bird.Whats up with that?
3.What kind of humidity can you have in the pen should I be ventilating?
4. What is the average mortality rate for the first 3 weeks?

Thanks for the Help


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May 25, 2009
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Hi! I don't know about the cornish x's, but I would try to keep the humitity at as low as possible, and would allow them room enough to move around, remember, The more room they have the better. The more space they have, the less likely you'll have problems with picking, and canibalism, and the mortaliity rate will drop. I have 35 chicks, but when they got cramped in the brooder, I put them in a larger brooder. I haven't lost one yet. Sound's like you're doing fine on the temp. remember t decrease the temp 5 degrees F. every week. I hope this answers some of your questions. Welcome to backyard chickens!

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