Brooding in the Garage??

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    Hey Everyone,

    Quick question....

    My chicks are coming this week and my wife would really prefer that they were not in the house. Do you think they would be OK in an unheated garage (draft-free)? I have a 4x4 brooder with a 250W infrared heat lamp. I live in Western Washington State where the nighttime lows could be anywhere between 28-44 at this time of year.... What are your thoughts guys???

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    As long as your brooder can keep them warm it should be fine. Set it up and check the temps through various times to see if it will work. Our brooders are in our unheated daylight basement.
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    Yes, they should be fine. Set your brooder up so there are warmer and cooler spots and they will find the temps they need. If they are all huddling under the lamp and staying all piled up together, then they are too cold and you may need to add another heat lamp. If they are panting or holding their wings out, etc, then they are too hot and you need to decrease the heat. They won't survive long if they are too hot or too cold, so check on them relatively often for the first few days to make sure they are comfortable. Don't forget that they need decreasing temps as the weeks go on and they get more feathers. Lots of luck with your new babies!!
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    I live in SW Washington State and have chicks in my garage right now, 1 week old, in a brooder with a broody and light bulb. They are fine. Just check your brooder temps carefully and follow the chick temperature recommendations.

    Make SURE you have that lamp secured at least 2 ways not including the clamp. I love to use 100 watt bulbs- several of them. I just check temps carefully.

    Heat lamp bulbs are dangerous- use with extreme caution. I won't use them anymore after one got damp outside under a tarp and exploded. If your brooder is set up for this, you can place some chicken wire or hardware cloth over the brooder (taut) and hang the lamp so that if it falls it will fall onto the fencing. I have done this.

    I was brooding chicks in the garage a couple of months ago even (with three 100 watt bulbs at first).
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    Quote:i did it last year, works fine.
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    I'm in SW WA as well as did this last August for the first 8 weeks of their lives! It was great, temperature control was a little different, but you should be fine as long as they have enough heat
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    [​IMG] How many chicks and what breeds? A heat Lamp in a draft free garage should be great! I have 43 in a brooder in my shop (Unheated) with 2 250watt red heat lamps and they are doing great! They are going on 2 weeks old! I have them in 2 water melon bins I put together with pine shavings!

    Here is my brooder for ideas.


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