brooding meat chicks to go out to tractors


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Oct 9, 2012
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I am supposed to get red ranger meat chicks this Friday (was supposed to be last week but hatchery had to push me back a week). I just finally did the math for temperatures to start them at 95 degrees and then decreasing 5 degrees each week, to get them to approx 70 degrees would take 5 weeks. For some reason I was thinking they would be out in the tractors by 3 definitely 4 weeks. Granted 4 vs 5 weeks is not that much but considering the life span of these guys, every week is significant. I will definitely pay attention to when they feather out fully but anybody care to share their experience of when they moved their chicks outside? Instead of a week could I shorten it to 4-5 days to decrease the temp?Do you still include a heat lamp when outside?


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Aug 9, 2012
Whats the weather like in Ohio? If they get most of their feathers, move them out. I moved my Cornish X out at 3 weeks. They weren't fully feathered and it was still a little chilly out, like 50s during the day, and 40s at night. They did fine. I plan to do the same with my Red meaties.

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sounds like a plan, did you put them on an accelerated plan when decreasing the temp

I have to say that I do 10˚ per week rather than 5˚. Just take it slow and they should feather accordingly. It helps if you have a chilly end of the brooder that is 50-70˚F and a warm end that is 80-95˚F (depending on their ages). I try to have my babies outside by 4 weeks old, but I don't let them get down to freezing temps until at least 5 weeks, preferably more like 8 weeks. So just be on the lookout for late frosts.

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