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    I am getting turkey hatching eggs in a few weeks to hatch.Ive never reared them before.They'll be a mixture of Royal Palm,standard bronze and bourbon red.What are the different incubator requirements and incubation time for turkeys.Would I be able to fill up the rest of the incubator with chicken eggs and can I brood the chicks with the poults.Are there any special needs that turkeys have.
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    Here is the link to Porter's guide to hatching turkey eggs.

    Since turkey eggs take 28 days to hatch, I add chicken eggs 7 days after I start the turkey eggs.

    I do brood chicks, guinea keets and turkey poults together. Because the keets and poults need a higher percentage of protein in their feed I feed all of the babies in the brooder a 28% protein turkey/game bird starter while they are in the brooder. I have never seen any harmful effects from the high protein feed on the chicks.

    Porter's guide to starting poults.

    Good luck.
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