Brooding with a pullet that has not yet laid


8 Years
Aug 15, 2013
I was wondering, i have a 2 Silkie pullets that have not yet lain any eggs, and my neighbour just received an order of chicks, and they gave me a few of the chicks which i am currently brooding, inside in a little brooder, but i was wondering if by any chance i could get the Silkie pullets to to brood the chicks? Anybody have any input/success/ horrible failure stories from trying to do this?
It probably won't work, chickens need to be broody to hatch eggs and raise chicks. They might attack the furry intruders too so raising them yourself would be the best option.
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I just tried this with our broody hen and it didn't work out. Our hen attacked the baby chicks...

Some broody hens do attack the baby chicks which is why people recommend sneaking them under them at night, though sometimes an inexperienced broody will attack and kill the chicks even if she hatched them herself.
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