broody and outcast - help!

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    Apr 29, 2011
    I thought I lost my bantam easter egger almost a month ago, and today I found her tucked into the goat barn behind a bale of hay on top of 15 eggs. I couldn't see anything by candeling, so I broke one - just a rotten egg. Same with 2 more I tried. My rooster was about 10 times her size, so I don't know if they were more than "friends".

    Anyway, I tried to put her back in the coop, because temps have been way below freezing and I can't believe she's managed out there by herself. But they all started pecking her - even some 2 month olds! (I have 3 other hens, and 4 babies another hen recently hatched).
    Now I have her inside in a box with the rest of her probably rotten eggs.
    ANy advice?
    Night-time re-introduction? Does that work?
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    Some have had good luck with putting them on the roost just after dark, yes. Another method is having them all free ranging together with places available to hide, and distracting everyone with a treat. Either way she is likely to find herself at the bottom of the pecking order. You may have to just let it happen, unless blood is drawn. Anything you can think of to distract them, something like a hanging cabbage or flock block, a pile of hay or dry leaves to take apart, etc. even new articles to jump on or hide in or under, can help. If needed, you could put her with the others but remove the "lead bully" for a week or so.

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