broody bantam


5 Years
Apr 8, 2016
My bantam hen is sitting on eggs, she found a bucket tipped on it's side and laid her eggs in it. I want her to be comfortable and off the ground, I do not want to make her get off of her nest so I can put the bucket someware safe and put straw in the bucket, could someone please tell me if I should leave her alone or put straw in it and put it someware safe? Thank you all for your help.
If the bucket is in an unsafe place at the moment, it would be better if you move it, yes. You can place some straw in it as well. It will be best to move her and the whole "nest" in the evening when she's sleepy and less likely to fly off or get spooked. Put the straw in then as well, as soon as she's settled seems o.k. with the new place. Keep her closed up in there for a day or three with food and water nearby when she gets up, so she'll know that is where the nest is.

Good luck and keep us posted!
I didn't have straw, all I had was was chick shavings , but I think she is fine with the idea.

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