Broody behavior or something else??


6 Years
May 12, 2013
So today I went out to collect my eggs when my 4-5 month old bantie decided to follow me to the nest I picked her up to see the egg and she wet and sat on it i was a bit confused but I left her alone she soon hoped off to get something to eat later on when my hens had fully finished laying there were 3 eggs I had forgot to collect the 1st one and my other hen laid 2 and she hoped up on the eggs and did it again sat on them this time she stayed on them a pecked at hay straws Shen then hoped off she's the only one who will sit is she showing broody behavior are just sitting on them??
her sitting on them
She's not a bona fide broody yet. A broody usually flattens herself into the nest to cover the eggs, rather than just sitting on them. And while not every broody tries to take your hand off if you get near her nest, most give a velociraptor-like screech if you try to check on the eggs. A broody is typically obsessed with sitting on her eggs; if you take her off, she immediately does whatever she needs to to get back on them. The "nice" ones do that, anyway. The others scream, fluff their feathers, and bite hard if you get anywhere near their eggs!
Ok thanks I think she just wanted to sit hopefully in the furtrue she will be my broody hen but I can tell already she's gonna be feisty with the way she acts now thinking she's the biggest chicken while she's the youngest and smallest XD

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