Broody being rough with chick that hatched...:/

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  1. Mama2B&D&...Chickens

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    Feb 22, 2010
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    Are some just mean!? This is only my 2nd hatch (her 1st) and she's still sitting on 4 but IDK! She pokes it with the beak and just isnt as loving (shes an austorlorp and 1st momma was my sweet BO so i know they have total different personalities) but i just dont want to not intervene and the baby DIE [​IMG]

    I haven't heard any of the others pip'ing...I'm almost tempted to steal that chick, let her sit on the rest (will she get up?) and then put it back when another hatches and hope she will be too confused to pick on just the "ONE"

  2. Mama2B&D&...Chickens

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    Feb 22, 2010
    Plant City, FL.
    Noone? [​IMG] What to do...what to do.
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    If she is harming the chick then intervene if you have the means to take care of it ( heat source , thermometer , and lots of time to spend at home )
    Chicks can be killed by a mother hen whos not very mother-ly. It happens more than i care to think about
    She may be just trying to get the chick to get under her?
    could you post a video of what shes doing?( on a cellphone and text it to your email address)

    I am going through the same thing- momma Millie does fine with eggs but with her first chick she turned on day 4 and started plucking feathers out and flinging the baby across the cage in the process of trying to de- feather the poor chick.
    I separated them and put the chick in a heated cage with a fluffy sock ... she peeped non stop for a day but now she sleeps with the sock and seems to be adjusting. If i had not intervened this chick would have been a statistic..
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    That's a hard one. It is not that unusual for a hen to peck a chick, more for discipline than anything else. Get back under me where it is warm and safe. Don't go wandering off by yourself. But sometimes they do kill them on purpose. You are on the spot looking at them and have to make the call if it is normal discilpline or a vicious killer broody. I had one that took good care of the first several she hatched, but actually attacked and killed the late hatchers. It's not always easy or clear. Good luck!
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    Jul 22, 2010
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    I've never had a broody hen but I would think mom knows what to do.After all she sat on the eggs for 21 days. I'd keep an eye on her but let her raise them. JMO.
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    May 8, 2010
    My last broody seemed a little rough with the tiny chicks, at least to my eyes. I think at first she was a little surprised when she saw them and pecked them until they went back under her. She gradually warmed up to the fact that she was now sitting on chicks not eggs and has been a great mother ever since. Good luck!

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