Broody broke and egg, now other eggs a little dirty


11 Years
Jun 1, 2008
Malta, OH
My broody or one of the other hens who decides they still have to lay their eggs there broke an egg.

Now a few other the other eggs are a little dirty. How picky do I have to be able stuff being on the hatching eggs?
Im not positive but i know i had kinda the samething happen a few years ago with one of my ducks. 2 or 3 eggs got rotten and broke and the duck didnt root them out or move off her nest. By the time of hatch the clutch was full of maggots out of 18 eggs 15 all hatched and seemed to enjoy the easy meal upon hatching.
If it's just on the outside and there are no breaks in the hatching egg then it's nothing to worry about. I'm not sure how you'd clean the outside, if you need to, though - water can seep into the egg and might cause problems.
There is no breaks in the ones left to hatch, just the one egg that got mangled.

I will just let them go and see what happens.

Thanks guys
Well, good luck!

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