Broody call duck dilemma....


8 Years
Mar 8, 2011
In front of my computer
Hello! As you all might remember, I posted a while ago about my call drake beating up on one of my females...I separated them for a bit, then put them back together and ti seems to be going ok. I was really hoping she would go broody so I could separate her for longer. WEll, it is my black bibbed, the newer one, that seems to have gone broody. She has a nice clutch of eggs already, and seems to be pulling feathers to line the nest. So my questions are:
Should I let the black bibbed set on a nest? Or just wait and see if my white call goes broody? She did go broody last year, but I didn't let her set.
ALSO-the black bibbed is MUCH less tame than the white. I haven't had her long and I don't think she had much human contact before coming here.
What are good duck brooders??
Thanks all!!!

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