Broody Chicken Again! Help!

Bklyn Chicks

5 Years
Jun 15, 2015
So I have 3 hens (no rooster) that live together in a coop. I had my black australorp go broody about 2 months ago. We were finally able to break her by isolating her to a section of the coop without bedding and access to the nesting box. She just started laying eggs again regularly in the past two weeks, and now it seems like she's broody again. Is it normal for a chicken to go broody so often? Also, I'm assuming I just repeat the same thing I did before to break her again. I don't see the point of letting her go broody if there's no chance of the eggs hatching since we have no rooster. Any comments/suggestions??? Thanks.
Some can be ever persistent unless you really need the eggs from her I would let her work it out. Just make sure you collect all the eggs every day under her. I have had one for the last 4 weeks broody and I collect the eggs under her every day and she is just now giving up.
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