Broody chicken getting attacked

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9 Years
Oct 3, 2010
I have three hens and I have never been able to determine a clear pecking order between the top two. We are using one of the hens to hatch some eggs now that she is broody. The problem is that when she comes down for her once-a-day break, she is absolutley abused by the other top hen. I have silkies and they have never been aggressive to me or to each other until now... what is going on and how do I stop this behavior??? It is really disturbing to watch....
Amber, I`ve come to the conclusion after years of breeding fowl that penning a broody alone is absolutely the best way to go. Not only do you eliminate your problem, but others can`t add eggs to the clutch, the rooster can`t bother her, and the chicks are safe. Do whatcha want, just some sage advice.......Pop
Our broody used to get picked on by her fellow hens during her once a day break, too. We were around though, and when we saw she was escaping for her daily dust bath, we'd guard her and keep the other hens away. Her breaks were only 5 to 10 minutes, it wasn't hard.

One thing I can't stand is to see someone get picked on. Especially a valuable broody!

Of course, once she hatched her chicks, she was ferocious and could take care of herself.
I agree with Lollipop. My broody experience is limited, but I have just hung out in the coop with the broody and other hens, and there is no doubt that the other birds will climb in that particular nest to lay, which sometimes will confuse the broody if she has gotten down for a break. We had our broody climb back into another nest a number of times if another bird was sitting in hers. (Both of the eggs hatched in spite of this, BTW). Since hatching, most of the other hens have been very curious about the new babies, and especially the starter crumbles that we have in a dish in that nest. My husband finally made a deer netting movable fence around a small portion of the coop, to make that broody space with a nest box, food, water, etc. so there can be no more interference from the other birds.
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