Broody chicken help!!

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    Apr 18, 2013
    It appears we have a broody chicken and have exhausted all the options we know of so any help is greatly appreciated! A little background info- we noticed one of our girls wasn't coming out with the others at all, we figured she was broody and not sick because when we carry her out she goes right to eating and drinking but within 10 minutes she is right back in her nesting box. We've tried removing her thinking that she would get the hint but after 5 times in 5 minutes we have up. We removed the nesting box from the coop but that didn't change her mind either. Most recently we have tried sliding ice packs under her chest hoping that would deter her but she just simply slides over. I know our best choice would be to separate her and place her somewhere with no bedding. My question is that it's getting down to 30 degrees at night here and the only place we have to keep her is in a crate in our garage on a concrete floor. I'm guessing it will be way too cold for her to stay out there. Any insight would really be greatly appreciated!
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    I’ve seen chickens sleep in trees in zero degrees Fahrenheit weather. That was in a thicket in a protected valley, not on a limb overlooking a bluff with them squawking in the teeth of a blizzard. If they are given a little protection, they really can handle cold weather pretty well.

    Put something under that crate to get it off the floor. She’ll do great.

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