Broody chicken


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Jul 25, 2016
I have somewhat of a dilemma. I have a chicken who's just over a year old that has gone broody several times already. None of my other chickens do it, just this particular one. I've always taken her eggs away from her and that usually solves the problem, as we don't have any roosters, the eggs are not fertile. Unfortunately, shes laying on an empty nest now, and nothing is working to get her off. I've tried dunking her in water like suggested, I've tried keeping her in our duck pen, but she just finds somewhere to lay in there. Of course she isn't eating or drinking. Our chickens are free range, so should I just close the coop so that she can't lay in the nesting boxes? I feel like she won't be as comfortable laying on the ground and will get bored as opposed to the coop. Thoughts?
Thats what I decided to do. She so badly wants to hatch some babies, I'm going to give in and find some fertile eggs for her! Thanks! :)

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