Broody, eggbound, or something else???


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May 8, 2011
I am new to raising chickens and am not sure what is going on with one of my hens. She has been in the nest box for several days and doesn't want to get out. From what I've been reading, I assumed that she is broody. When I finally got her out of the nestbox, I could see that her butt looked funny. I have taken a picture (sorry, its sideways). It looks bald and maybe a little puffy and is warm to the touch. Is this normal for a broody hen or is she eggbound or is it something else?? Please help because I don't know what is wrong with her. She is walking fine. She looks all puffed up and she wants to stay in the nest box all the time.
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Sounds like she's broody. They will sometimes pluck their own feathers out to line a nest, but that is generally on their bellies. Butt damage is usually from other birds. Are your other hens getting mad about her hogging the favorite nesting box?

By the way- that's what a normal chicken butt looks like. They aren't pretty underneath all those fluffy feathers.
Yes, the other hens are very mad at her for hogging the favorite nest box and they haven't been laying their eggs because of it. I do see that they are pecking her. So if she is broody, I need to break her of that. We don't have a rooster and i can't have any more chickens (so getting fertilized eggs are out). I was thinking of making/getting a broody breaking box but I can't seem to find a picture of what that would look like. Does anyone have a picture?
All you need is a wire bottomed cage. I have an old converted rabbit hutch. Put her in the cage with food and water, but no bedding for about 3 days. The cool air circulating under her should break the broody urge. After the specified time, put her back in the coop. If she heads straight for the nesting boxes then she goes back to the broody busting cage for an additional few days. Keep doing this until she is broken. Be aware that although you can break a broody they are prone to reverting back. Keep your eggs collected regularly.

Good luck.

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