Broody Geese Issue

Discussion in 'Geese' started by Sfraker, Apr 4, 2018.

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    So… I have a broody goose issue.

    I have two pilgrim geese that are sitting on nests. One started sitting on 7 eggs on 3/15 the other started on 6 eggs on 3/28. I marked the eggs of the second goose as she started laying so I would know which were which. They built their nests next to each other.

    Last night I noticed one goose was not on her nest. I walked over and the nest was empty. I then moved the other goose off her nest and saw that she had all the eggs under her and a duck egg she must have gone and stolen from one of my ducks!

    I tried to move the first eggs back to the first nest but the goose immediately moved them back. Now they are both sitting on one nest.

    My issue is that the eggs are due 2 weeks apart. I assume when they hatch the others are going to be ignored. I don’t have a good way of separating them as I have one pen/coop that is already split in half to keep the ducks and geese apart. Also, they are rather unhappy when they are apart.

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  2. Miss Lydia

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    Problem I see is goslings getting trampled by 2 adult mamas. One may stay when the others hatch that is something you'll have to wait for. Might want to remove the goslings as they hatch then give them all back to the females and ganders [they help too] once all are hatched.
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    2 geese on one nest usually doesn't end well. You should split them up.
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