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    Apr 7, 2014
    My female goose is two years old. In a previous thread I mentioned that my gander adores her but won't mate with her. This hasn't stopped her from going broody, though. She was sitting on a bunch of duck eggs in the duck house (it's a small house where the ducks lay eggs but don't live) so I candled them and let her sit on two fertile ones. Three weeks ago, she hatched one of the eggs (the other one got stuck getting out and didn't make it). I went out of town the next day and the person who was duck/goose-sitting didn't clear the eggs out of the house every day, I guess. When I came back a few days ago I found that the goose was sitting on a new clutch of eggs in the duck house, but also one of my muscovies was in there with her, trying to sit on the same clutch of eggs. And there's the duckling in the duck house, too.

    So the duck and the goose are sitting side-by-side on the same nest, and whenever either one of them leaves the house the duckling follows and it is very unclear who his "mother" is of the two of them.

    I'm not judging their unconventional relationship or approach to child-rearing -- far from it -- but should I be worried that my goose has now been sitting on the nest non-stop for about 7 weeks? She hatched one egg and never left the nest and just started over. I just candled all of the eggs that were there and removed the non-fertile ones. There are only three fertile eggs left, and I think they are all Pekin eggs around the 16-18 day mark.

    So should I let them keep doing what they are doing or take the eggs away from them? I'm perplexed by the whole situation.

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