Broody goose, no eggs hatched. Help!

Discussion in 'Geese' started by jellybean, Jul 21, 2010.

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    May 1, 2009
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    I have a broody goose and duck. Two baby geese were killed soon after hatching by the other broody goose (she's now banned from the pen). A rotten egg broke and killed the rest of the eggs right before hatching. I've always had ducks that would remove bad eggs themselves, so I didn't candle them all and do it for her. I should have. Now she's sitting on some infertile goose eggs (I thought they were fertile, but they're not- they're from the other crazy broody goose). The crazy goose also broke all the duck eggs but two, one broke a few days ago and died. The other was cracked, and it's in my incubator. It's still alive, and close to hatching though I don't know how close. I don't know what day it's on, 20 something or more. The duck is also on infertile goose eggs from the crazy goose. They are both so determined, and I can't find any eggs close by to give them except chickens. And I don't want chickens. Should I just take all the infertile eggs and let them figure it out? Will they start laying again?

    I was thinking if this one egg hatches I'll give the baby to the duck, if she'll take it. I have 7 duck eggs that are going into the incubator tonight. I know staggered hatches are difficult, I don't have a choice. I thought about giving her the eggs, but the air cells came a bit wobbly though not broken. Think they got banged around too much shipping. So I want to keep them still in the incubator for a day. I just hope the baby hatches soon so I don't need to have the humidity too high for the fresh eggs.

    What should I do about the broodies? Will they start laying again if I take their infertile eggs from them?

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    Kill the crazy goose and try to find some duckings locally for them to adopt is what I would do. That ticks me off so bad when a broody breaks eggs and kills them, I had a ducks setting turkey eggs one time and I found on by their pool with a hole it it and the turkey was still alive when I found it. And then I have another one that was setting her own eggs and broke all of them I think, I saw her running across the yard with one in her mouth one time and she ran to the water with it, and that was the second time she had ruined a whole batch of her eggs, I dont know why she even bothers setting them in the first place.

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