Broody has what!?!

RidgeRunner Hen

In the Brooder
9 Years
May 16, 2010
She is in a nesting box but it's high off the ground. When I went to move her the first time she wanted nothing to do with her accomodations (a old plastic travel box with eggs moved into it. I have a dog crate with a plastic bottom that I could put plastic chicken wire around so chicks don't escape. Would this wok to keep her out of high nesting boxes an where she needs to be?
I have 5 other hens still laying; not broody.
So she now has chicks under her is that correct? What kind of hen is she? I've been fortunate enough to deal with Bantams who can be more easily confined than the bigger hens. I prepared a largish broody pen (approx 4x4') in a renovated garage area where I could isolate her, and then scooped her chicks into a very small box, moved the hen into her new quarters and added the box of peeping chicks where she could hear them but not see them, and then when she settle down and started cooing to her chicks a bit, I gently slipped them underneath her. This worked surprising well for me, but it's maybe harder to confine a larger hen.
my BO just hatched out 9 little fluff balls as did my white silkie....they all hatched out BO chicks....when the mom goes broody I usually just let nature take its course and let mom take care of all her chicks..."IN MY OPINION" chicks raised by the mom are better foragers, tougher chickens and all around healthier birds....some may die this is true but some die in the brooder also so it is so much nicer and calmer and more rewarding to watch momma walking around the yard with her little yellow cottonballs close in tow than it is feeding and cleaning up a brooder with cheeping i say let momma do it, it is what she was born to do.

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