Broody has what!?!

RidgeRunner Hen

In the Brooder
9 Years
May 16, 2010
She is in a nesting box but it's high off the ground. When I went to move her the first time she wanted nothing to do with her accomodations (a old plastic travel box with eggs moved into it. I have a dog crate with a plastic bottom that I could put plastic chicken wire around so chicks don't escape. Would this wok to keep her out of high nesting boxes an where she needs to be?
I have 5 other hens still laying; not broody.
HI, This is just my may get diferent answers..
She will go where the chicks go.I moved mine to a dog kennel after hatch with no problem.....
Try your idea.needless to say after a few days they will need food and water..........
Let us know how it is going.
It's been several days but all is well!
We have 5 chicks all healthy, lost only 2 so far and have 6 more eggs to hatch. Thanks for the info!
I had the same issue. I'd put chicken a small piece of chicken wire or a two by four or something at the opening of the nest box so while the rest are hatching, the early chicks can't fall out and get separated. Then remove it as soon as they've all hatched, and you can move them anywhere you need to...

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