Broody Hen, 5 Days to go...Much more Skinny and Pale Comb, HELP!


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Mar 27, 2009
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Hi all,
I'm a first time broody hen hatcher with 18 eggs from Quail_Antwerp under my broody hen. As in the title,we have 5 more days to go before any hatch and she is a GOOD Momma! She barely takes time to eat before she's back on that nest and has since she's gone broody.

I make it a point to boot her off of the nest to go downstairs once daily while I'm cleaning the roost and make her stay down there which adds up to about a 10 minute time off the nest once daily. She comes down, eats, drinks, poops:sick and then rushes right back up.

The problem has come today in that she's obviously getting weak and skinny. Her comb isn't the bright red it was and with the hot weather that we've gotten smacked with suddenly, I'm a little worried about my broody.

I make sure that all 3 girls have extra water in a huge lasagna dish if they need it for cooling off feet(they haven't gotten that idea yet, lol), extra drinking water in there, along with oyster shell, and the treats we bring out there several times daily. They are in layer feed 16% and have grit and dust bathing access also.

I gave the broody a treat on the nest today when I saw she was getting tired and for once, she ate it! So, now that we're onto the homestrech with the eggs, should I try to boot her off the nest more than once per day or just try to rig up something so she can have food in reach at all times? She WILL not come off that nest unless you pick her up and drag her down, she's pecking all the way, lol.

We are doing this with a chicken tractor and have a brooder ready for the fuzzy butts when they get here.

I'm not an expert by any means.. but I did learn about them getting mites when they are broody. It was suggested to me to use Adam's Flea & Tick Spray that comes in a blue bottle from Walmart. When they are "stuck" in the nest, the mites have a field day feeding on her and wear down the hen terribly.. Can kill the chicks real fast too.
I'd just keep the water available for her in the hot weather.. Sounds like you are taking great care of her.
Good luck!
I'd treat her for mites/lice, and start giving her a scrambled egg every day or so. The extra fat and protein will help to build her up. Good luck!
Thank you ZZ, I'd forgotten all about the mites!
That would definately be happening around here right now with the temp spike, I'm going to go get some more DE or Sevin tomorrow along with the scrambled egg that jhm suggested, although I'm going to have to buy store eggs to cook with,
the other two aren't laying right now with the heat turning up and the humidity in the air.
Thank you both for the suggestions, I REALLY appreciate it!

Anyone got any suggestions for a temp feeder for an A-frame chicken tractor roost box so Speckle has free access to food and water?
Ok, she's had her scrambled egg this am, she's been booted off the nest twice since it's SO hot today! I've put a piece of bread with a thin layer of peanut butter and a small dish of water next to the nest,the DE I ordered for dusting her is on the way and we have 4 days to go!!

I am SO excited!!!
If she really hates getting off the nest, once a day may not be enough for her to eat enough food. I have put food and water within easy reach of my broody, and she is doing fine. Just be sure to clean out the poop from the nest on a daily basis. If it is really hot, you may need to move her, but she should be able to stick it out for a few more days. I agree with the dusting; she may not have mites, but you can't be too careful.

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