broody hen acting funny?


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Sep 4, 2013
i have a broody hen at the moment and we put her food and water inside the house so she does have to move too far away from the nest, she's been pooing where she's sitting on her eggs, i cleaned the area looks like she's stopped but she has all feces dried and stuck to her back side... i tried to clean her, but out of nowhere she went flying out of the coop ran around crazy rolled around in dirt and ate and drank and then went broody on the floor! i picked her up and put her in the house.. she sat back on the eggs and it was as if nothing happened.. i was wondering if this is normal? is there anything to worry about?
And has anyone experienced their broodies behaving strangley or doing wierd things?
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First, I would put her in a basin of warm soapy water and get her clean. Then I would move the food and water further away from her so she will get a little more exercise when she gets up. I would also take her off the nest once a day or more til she eats, poops and gets a little exercise. at least if she continues to poop on the nest. There is nothing wrong with her being off the nest for 20 or 30 minutes, and she needs the exercise.
Also the rolled crazy in dirt bit could be her being annoyed by lice or mites so check her over. Broody hens seem to be more succeptible to them.
good idea! i'm worried (as people keep telling me) im still new to this whole broody thing :/ i'm a little worried if i wash her, she'll "snap out" of her broodiness, i keep being told NOT to touch her, but maybe i'll move her food further away from her and see how that goes
I've checked her a few times, and havnt seen anything, i'll check her again thoroughly and make sure just to be 100%, might dust her as well just to be on the safe side
It's possible that washing would break her, but all that dirt is liable to at least cause her skin problems, plus make her chicks sick by causing an infection in the developing chick. Sometimes they stop being broody even if not disturbed. Sometimes they persist in being broody for weeks and weeks no matter how much you disturb them.

I always lift my broodies off the nest once a day so they get an extra round of food and exercise, even when they are hatching eggs. This may be more than is necessary -- but it is always a good idea to be sure they are getting up at least once a day. Any time they poop in the nest, it should tell you they are not getting up, or not getting up enough, and intervention is necessary. Broodies lose weight as well as muscle tone and mass, they are very prone to getting infested with lice/mites, they can develop joint and other health problems -- and they can even die while persistently setting.

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