Broody hen & adding other eggs

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    Hi All,
    I need some advice. 2 nights ago one of my hens went broody and was sitting on 2 eggs. I gathered the 4 other eggs laid that day (1 may had been older as it was my "dummy egg") and popped them under her. I added the eggs that were laid yesterday and 1 today (from the other hens). They all will be mixtures of Orpington, New Hampshire and seabrights. Will a couple of days make a big difference when they hatch? Or will it be okay? Also will mommy accept all the chicks when they hatch.
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    Mar 18, 2014
    I wouldn't add anymore. When my broody hatched out her last hatch, she was off the nest 24 hours within the hatch of the very first egg and right after the last one hatched....9/9 hatched :) I would think that too big of a staggered hatch would risk her getting off the nest before the last few may hatch.

    I put all 9 under her the same day and the first one hatched on day 19 and the last 8 hatched day 20.

    If you're asking if she'll except all the chicks because of all the different breeds? Color doesn't seem to matter to them.....if they're a good mamma, then they're a good mamma! Mine is a black Australorp and all her chicks were different breeds, all hatched out yellow :) I just tell everyone that they're adopted :lol:
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    Thanks for your advice. I guess it's just a waiting game then. I collected the other eggs an hour ago. I didn't want to chance putting anymore under her.

    She was off the eggs for about 7 hours yesterday. That also worries me.

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