broody hen and broken eggs!! Why?


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8 Years
Jun 28, 2011
I have my first broody hen. She is a game hen and is very protective of her nest (puffing up and "growling" when a hen or person gets close). She started sitting 5 days ago on 5 eggs. On the 2nd day I put two more eggs under her for 7 total. They were a mix from 4 hens and one was white, 2 light brown, and 4 cream. Today (day 5) when she got up for a minute I checked them and there were only the 4 cream eggs under her. I looked closer and found the pieces of the white egg and the 2 light brown ones! What could have happened to those 3 eggs? Do they break if they are duds, would she break them on purpose, or did some critter get to them somehow? I know my rooster has been visiting all the hens so at least some of the eggs should have been fertile. Like I said, this is my first time trying to raise chicks. It is too late to add any new eggs to the nest right? Is there anything I should be doing to help out the remaining eggs or do I just let her take care of everything? Thanks for any advice!

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