Broody hen and hatching egg and moving nest


9 Years
Feb 12, 2012
I'm very new to having a broody hen, but I'm going to get her a few eggs to sit on, my question is she is up off the floor about 3 1/2 feet in a sideways bucket, should I move the bucket and give her the eggs? Any help would be appreciated at this point.

Thank in advance
Probably not the best place, but doable. Does the bucket have some sort of lip, that will keep the nest and occupant from falling out? I would mainly be concerned that a day old chick would fall out, before it's hatch mates were also ready to leave the nest. The drop to the ground isn't that far, for a baby chick ( provided they don't land on concrete).
There is about a 2 inch lip on the bucket. I'm just really afraid of them falling out. will it bother her to move the bucket to the floor in a corner, does anyone know?

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