Broody hen bleeding from vent

Faith Hope

10 Years
Nov 25, 2009
I have a broody dark cornish hen who is about a year and a half old. Yesterday, she hatched out 3 chicks. Today, she is bleeding from her vent. Does anyone have any idea why? Is there anything I can do to stop it?

I am afraid I will have to put her down -- she doesn't take really good care of herself when she is broody, but she has been off the nest at least once a day or so during her 20 days on the nest.

Thanks for your help.
It's either worms or cocci. I would give her valbazan for the worms (1/2 ml for average size) and something like Sulmet in case the problem is cocci.
not sure what it is, but clean her up and give her some electrolyte solution for strenght, she may have a bit of a prolaspe. If she has been fine until today I would give her some extra care and see if the bleeding stops, i would not jump to cull her yet. How much blood? is it continuous or there was just some blood you noticed? I would give her a chance
Thanks guys for your information. We did clean her up and change her bedding when we found her. There was some fresh blood in the bedding and a quarter size or so of fresh blood on her hind end. When I cleaned her up, I noticed more coming from her vent.

That was several hours ago. When I just checked on her, there was no more blood either in her bedding or on her hind end. I have given her ACV in her water. She seems fine otherwise. She is taking care of her day-old chicks on her nest; she got up off her nest for the first time today. (That was when we noticed the blood.)

She is a really good momma; I sure hope she is okay. We will watch her and see.

Thanks again.
I thought I would update this story, in case any one wants it for reference.

The mama hen seemed fine for the next 5 weeks. She taught her chicks and free ranged with them. Then one day--I guess she decided they were old enough to take care of themselves--she just didn't get up. She stayed in a nest box, where she had been sleeping with her chicks, and slept. We got her out each day and tried to tempt her with yummy treats, but it appeared to me that she was just too tired to get up. We tried to help her for about a week, but she seemed to have given up, so we put her out of her misery.

She had hatched out 2 broods this year, only a few months apart. She would hardly ever get up to potty unless I forced her; she wouldn't eat or drink much at all while she brooded. I think she just didn't take care of herself, and it did her in. She was an excellent mamma to her chicks.

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