broody hen & eggs - what now? help!


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Apr 12, 2008
Oakley, Idaho
This morning, impressed by the first day of spring, I gave 7 eggs to my broody Australorp. She is very glad to have them and has settled into a glazed daze. Now I suddenly don't know what to do.

My regular nest boxes are plastic Sterilite containers that are 17 X11 inches. I cut out the end and left the lid on. They work as nest boxes pretty well.

Last fall I built a wire cage that is 19 X 36. I made the wire cage so that the Sterilite nest box would fit inside. My idea was that I could use the two together for a broody hen. Once I got the water and food in the cage with the nest box, it looks way to crowded. The water and the food take up all the extra floor space.

I only have just the chicken coop and no other outbuildings. Any ideas? Can I just lift the hen out of the cage once a day? Do I need to build a bigger cage? The first one was a major undertaking for me. What about when the chicks hatch?



10 Years
Mar 9, 2009
Our Astraulorp only got off her nest to eat, drink, and poop, so if she has pooping room, not near food drink, or eggs, you have bought yourself a little time, until the chicks are here and wanting room to run amok.


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