Broody hen got into wrong box!!!!

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  1. My silver Americana has been sitting on her eggs since the 30th of August.
    Tonight when I went to lock them up , I checked on her as I usually do through out the
    Day and she was in another box with another Americans egg that had been laid sometime
    Today. I grabbed the extra egg out of her clutch and put her back on her original eggs.
    They were cold when I felt them before laying her on them.
    I guess when she went out to eat/drink, there was another hen laying a egg and she
    Went onto the next box with the blue egg .
    Since I have no idea how long her eggs were exposed to cold without her warmth, are the pretty
    Much now not going to make it?
    I have no clue as to I'm to do. I've always bought my chicks and this is my very first
    Experience with a broody hen and her own.
    Please, If you have any info I need it!!
    Thank you!
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    By cold, do you mean COLD? What was the temperature outside? They may still be viable. I had one sit out overnight in the house and when I placed it back in the bator it hatched later.

  3. The temp right now says 59 ( they are in the hen house, but in the nesting box)and cold meaning they hadn't been just sat on .
  4. I ended up taking the eggs and putting them back under the mama hen and seperated her in her own section with food and water. I was told that they probably died and to just crush them up into the garden. I decided not to and figured that I'd let her sit on them until SHE decided that they weren't alive. I'm soooooo happy to announce that ALL THREE MADE IT!!!
    Here is a few pics of my silver americana hen and two of the babies. The other is under her and she's very protective, so I wasn't able to get a pic of that one.=)

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