Broody Hen has a baby!

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12 Years
Jan 8, 2008
South Dakota
Well lookie at me being a post hog today

I checked her eggs this morning, and saw a pip/heard a peep
Just went out in the garage a minute ago, and the little one is out, and peeping away. Looks like a buff brahma/possibly buff-light mix. One of the other eggs I could feel movement, and there are 3 more I'm not sure about.
for at least one more to hatch, so she can have two babies.

Now I need to decide on letting her have them, or putting them in the brooder; if she turns out to be a good mom, I really hate to take them away after she put all that setting time in. Our garage is heated, but not 95 degrees by no means...they should be okay under her, shouldn't they, or do I need to bring her and the babies in....seems like a really dumb question, but I was thinking they would be fine with her keeping them warm, in the garage cage. Now I'm having newbie doubts...

I am *supposed* to have an Ideal order ship tomorrow, so the chicks would have "friends" right at the same Welp order for this week got delayed until April (see my "Middle Man" thread) so I just called back and debating on whether to place that chick order through Ideals

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