Broody Hen Help!!!


8 Years
Jul 29, 2011
hello everyone, i have just noticed that one of my 9 month old white rock chicken has gone broody!! This is my third time dealing with a broody hen and each time before was unsuccessful. we hadnt owned a rooster before and "borrowed" fertilized eggs from the local farms. we managed to have a small chick form but did not hatch. It was depressing and I dont want it to happen again!! now we have a rooster and i have a few questions. Will every single egg a chicken lays be fertilized if we have a rooster or is it random?? also should i be aiding her in turning and caring for the eggs due to her young age?? thanks for the answers!!
Not sure about the fertilization rate. My new mama was capable of doing everything herself. We hatched 6 out of 8 eggs and one was trying to get out but was not able to fight through. The last was a dud....LOL

Let her try - as some one else said one here, she knows more about being a chicken than you do. Good luck!
haha thanks a bunch
. congrats on your success in hatching them!!! and i agree, i bet she does know more about being a chicken than i do!!!!!
ill let her do it from here on out. Anyone know about the fertility rate??

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