Broody hen leaves eggs for up to 15 hours... Help.

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    Jul 10, 2016
    Hi, so let me get right go the point my broody hen has been sitting on her eggs for about two weeks now and she's separated from the rest of the group in her own little coop (because the other hens would get in her best and put eggs and yes I did take the new ones out) and yesterday around 5:00pm I opened the door to let her eat with the reset and closed the door behind her. And a few minutes into watching them eat mi mother called me to help her with some stuff so I forgot to open the door to let the hen inside so today at 12:00am I went out and realized I had forgotten to open the door so now the eggs haven't been heaten up by the moma hen so my question is will the eggs still hatch despite being left alone for about 18 hours or are the chicks inside dead???

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    [​IMG] Unless they got excessively chilled, they may still hatch. Expect the possibility that they will go beyond 21 days. Good luck.
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