broody hen - nest problems...broken eggs?

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  1. spish

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    Apr 7, 2010
    hi all
    well my hen has been sitting for 9 days now..and doesnt let any of the other hens in the hen house anymore (which is causing major the others are now laying elsewhere and i cant find where!!!)
    any how today she nipped off the nest for a break and so i peeked in the nest and theres some broken eggs in there. the yolk has dried to the other eggs, not much just a bit of splatterd yolkyness.
    should i clean the dirty eggs or will they be ok?

    i really want to move mum and nest out of there so the others can start using the nest boxes again. if i put her in a cage filled with straw, then tuck the eggs back under her, will she be ok? (going to bring her into the stables) then build her a little coop so she can stretchher legs in peace?

    im wondering if the eggs are fertile (seeing as the broken one was just yolk) can i candle them at 9 days? what should i be looking for?
  2. spish

    spish De Regenboog Kippetjes

    Apr 7, 2010
    could really do with a reply over the yolk covered eggs...wash or leave???
  3. Me ... I would wash them. I have two hens that broad and break eggs so i always wash them. If you are breeding the eggs for chicks I would not wash them
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    Get your nesting box/mini coop set up with food, water, etc. then move your bird in eggs and all late at night. She should stay on the nest that way. Sooner rather than later is good. Do Not wash the eggs. Getting them out of the nest with the yucky stuff should be sufficient. I have one that I moved three days after she went broody and put ten eggs under her and she hasn't moved yet! Probably the less time you take to move her and her eggs, the more readily she will take to the new situation. Good luck!
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    I'd probably just use a damp towel and try to rub some of the gunk off - but wouldn't do a full wash ...

    and I would move as soon as you can - she'll be much more comfortable secluded, and I think everyone else would like her to be seculded too [​IMG] ( you can let her out to romp around the yard a bit - but I'd supervise because once you move them from their regular nesting box they seem to forget where there new nest is and go back to the coop - well mine do anyway - [​IMG] I usually have to bring them back to their real nest when they're done running around like a lunatic, squawking and taking a super fast dust bath [​IMG] )

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