Broody hen not turning eggs?


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Aug 18, 2014
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My Coop
Hi everyone,
I have a broody, who in the past has been a awesome, successful momma!
We’ll she is broody again, and after a total failure of a hatch within the last 2 weeks, I placed more eggs under her Sept 14. ( yes she is separated in her own broody area within the main coop)
I candled yesterday and today and like the last time with the previous batch of eggs that DIS I noticed that the eggs seem stuck to one side and won’t move when I turn the egg. Very much like not turning the eggs.
Is there a pic that I can use for comparison to check and see if I am right or wrong.
I am planning on marking the eggs x and o so I can clearly tell if the they have been turned. It seems strange to me that she would not turn them, as I assumed this was instinctive on their part.
Any advice appreciated.
Thanks in advance
Well they start off looking like that but then they begin to grow so everything looks okay again.
Mark the eggs if you want too? Possibly she is doing things right.
YES your right they do start off that way, however about 12 -13 days into the last batch, after candling, the embryos only seemed to take up one side of the egg.
I did mark the sides A/B.
Later today I noticed about 25% of the eggs were still on side A like I left them.
Many it was just a fluke last time, but I will keep an eye on them.
Tractor supply is done with chick days and I really don’t want to order from a Hatchery because I don’t want that many chicks!
I wouldn't start her up again on a brood that close in the first place , brooding is very hard on a chickens health, My hens sometimes goes broody twice in a year. if you want chicks that bad get an incubator and hatch the eggs instead of shortening the life of your broody hen. she may be sitting on the eggs as she knows you want her to but not interested now in actually raising chicks as she's been depleted from a recent failed brood.

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