Broody hen on eggs for 18 days, what do I need to expect once chicks hatch?


10 Years
Jun 27, 2010
So my White hen has been on her eggs for 18 days. This monday will be 21 days. So how quickly will the chicks hatch under her? I expect to give them until Wed. to Hatch? So she is in a crate in the chicken pen. So do I let them be with mom in the crate and not allow them to mingle with older chicken? Or should I pull them away from mom and raise them myself once hatched? So mom should keep them warm enough if they are with her? Can I let her loose with other chickens? Or leave in the crate with her chicks for a week or two? Just not sure how I should deal with this. Thanks for any suggestions.
If possible keep your hen and her chicks separate for the hatching process, but as long as she has an area that she can sit on her chicks and keep them warm she should be fine. Make sure that the chicks have appropriate water and food and that mom gets to eat too. You can expect hatching on day 21 and 22.
I would separate the mother and her chicks from the flock, it is safer that way but it can still work if you keep them in the flock. Eggs can take up to four days after too hatch.
Ok I will leave her in the crate. She is in a box that is in the crate. So to feed chicks, should I open up the box and have chick feed and water in the box with them? there is a slight overlap from box to bottom of crate, so want to make sure they can eat from where mom eats. Its ok to put chick food in with mom instead of her regular food? Well I guess I have to waite until momma hopefully hatches some of them this next week. Im sure I will have more questions. thanks

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