broody hen or not


10 Years
Nov 7, 2009
my hens have stopped laying their combs have gone from red to pink, is this a sign of broodiness ? never noticed the comb change colur before
Sounds like molting to me too. How old are your girls & do you see more feathers than usual around the coop & run?

My coop looked like a chicken exploded inside of it the past few weeks. The girls are finally starting to feather out again but still aren't laying yet. They took a 3 month break last fall for molting.
I can't be sure but when Mine went broody I knew it because she didn't leave the nest and when I came near she growled and clucked at me but her comb didn't go pink till well after she went broody.
They may be getting ready to moult, maybe someone else will have a better opion on this... Good Luck
yes i think, you maybe right lots of feathers in coop, how long do they molt for and is their any special treatment required, haven't had an egg for weeks could it be a bit of both ?
BYC Wisdom told me to wait it out, provide some extra protein - eggs or canned fish - and expect egglaying to resume at a snail's pace

I had one go broody too - for 3 months!
Then after she un-broodied, she went into a full moult
No eggs from her since June
thanks for your advise gave partridge bantams some sardnes this morning, i have 1 RIR & 1 light sussex 28 weeks now, with winter on way & nights pulling in can i expect any eggs before next spring ?
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