Broody Hen pooping on eggs.


10 Years
Jul 2, 2009
Pine Grove, PA
I moved my broody hen, Hanna, and her eggs into a 2' X 2' dog kennel on Thursday. Since then, I've been watching and waiting for Hanna to get off the nest and eat, drink and poop and maybe turn the eggs. Well, tonight I caught her eating and drinking from the nest and pooping right in the nest. There is room for her to get up and move and a nice place lined with newspaper and paper towels for her to poop on. I even leave the door open while I'm awake so she can come out and stretch her legs if she wants. Nope, she won't do it. So now I have 3 out of 9 eggs coated in poop, the others just have little dirty spots. I candled two last night, one looked like the yolk broke and settled on the bottom. The other looked like it had a small spot. I candled three others tonight and they all had the same small spot which I assume is the developing chick as the spot wasn't there on Thursday.

What should I do about the dirty eggs? I assume nothing. Also, the egg that looked like the yolk is broken and settled I assume is not normal and I should discard it, could you just confirm that for me. Thank you.



10 Years
Apr 20, 2009
Bourbon County Kentucky
Maybe you could move the food and water farther from the nest so she has to get up, then she might poop while she's up. As far as the eggs go I wouldn't wet them at all to clean them but you might be able to gently scrape some poop off if it has dried. Good luck!

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