Broody hen question...

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14 Years
Mar 30, 2008
Last year my pair of peas were two, and the hen started laying. She laid an egg every other day until she had five (I was gathering the eggs) the she stopped. After a few days it was apparent that she wasn't going to lay anymore so I scrambled to see which broody han would sit on eggs in a rabbit cage with a nest box. One of my Speckled Sussex was the best choice so I put the eggs under her. Only one developed, so when it hatched I left it with her so that the baby wouldn't be alone in the brooder. Mama Speckled got spoiled for her dedication, and she was an excellent mom. When the snow hit, I moved mama hen and the chick in with the adult pair of peas and they spent the winter there. It was about a year ago that she first acted broody.

Now I have pea eggs coming in the mail and was hoping that she would set the eggs for me again. I put some chicken eggs in the same nest box, in the same cage, and was hoping that it would remind her and encourage her to go broody again. I have a few days before the eggs get here, and I moved her in a few days ago. But she is showing no inclination to go broody. I finally took her back out last night and moved her back in with the chicken flock (I hope she doesn't get picked on) and put a Buff Orpington in the box with the eggs. I just checked and the BO looks like she might do it. But now I am curious. Do you think it's possibe that the Sussex is smart enough to know that she wasn't with a rooster so her eggs wouldn't hatch? She was a very determined broody last year. The BO that I chose is one that I keep finding in the nest box, and she gets very ruffled and pecks st me when I gather eggs. So I have to slide my hand under her from behind and lift her off of the nest to gather eggs. She also has a bare back, so possibly a rooster favorite and likely to have fertile eggs? Or is it just the nature of the beast and I am over thinking things? I just hate to think that such an outstanding broody/mama just won't be again... Maybe I should seperate her again for a few days and gather her eggs to see if she was cozy with the peacock?
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I dont think the eggs will remind her anything.Its the animal instict that makes her go broody.If she has stop laying for now,then there might be some chances for you of becoming broody.
She has actually started laying again now that the days are getting longer... but just started. She layed 2 or three eggs and she is at least four years old, maybe older.
I put the SS back in with the chicken flock Monday night, it was getting dark out but some of the roosters noticed and seemed to be very interested in her. Tueaday evening I went to gather eggs, and notice a SS hen in a nest box. I only have two, and the other one has a leg band. I went to get the hen off of the eggs, sure enough it was Mama Speckled. And she didn't want to let me have the eggs. She pecked at me. 20 hours after she was put back in with the flock (where the roosters are), now she is acting like she wants to go broody? I actually believe that somehow she 'knew' that her eggs wouldn't have hatched.

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