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    OK so we decided to get some fertile eggs to place under a broody hen. The guy gave us a mix of 4 duck eggs and 6 chicken eggs. He told us the gestation period is the same for both. Does this sound correct? And is it ok to mix a brood of chooks and ducks? I read that duck eggs take longer to hatch. If so, the chicken eggs will hatch a week before the ducks. Will she remain sitting or leave them to die? If that is the case can we finish the incubation process manually?
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    Absolutely incorrect - chicken eggs hatch in 21 days, mallard derived duck eggs in 28 days, and muscovy eggs in 35 days. If you want the hen to continue brooding, you will have to remove the chicks as they are hatched. If you do not do so, she will leave the nest with the chicks on day 22 or 23. Even with removing the chicks she may still break broodiness after they hatch. You may want to have an incuator for back up.
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