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    she'll be inclined to keep the chick in the penned area for the first few days to a week. my own house coop and for my broody is 4 feet long by 2 feet wide. This gives her enough room to have a nest, food and water and an area to broody poop! In another week or so she and the babies will have access to the outdoors through a chickie door and ramp to another penned area approximately 3 by 3. this is my first time doing the penned off area. Previously I had kept them in the house. However the integration back into the flock is a pain. I found myself having to bring the hen and babies or just the babies because the moms gave up, outside everyday for hours. takes up a lot of time as the babies were not acclimatized to the weather and surroundings. this time I am trying to leave the babies with the mom and hopefully she won't go broody again a few weeks later!
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    Thank you hollymh!
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    Thanks! I have a double coop with a little addition off on the side I will set up for them after she hatches them all out. She is the top hen so Im not overly concerned about the others, more so just getting everyone raised up happy and healthy! :)
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    If you was closer to me, I have 14 eggs that the hen decided to quit sitting on today. They have only a week to go. Brought her and the eggs in the house, put them in cage with her 3 week old chicks. She just wasn't interested, so we put her outside. Now the little chicks are all taking turns bunching up on the eggs. We have them in the cage covered with shavings in front of an electric heater.

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    My silkie hen just hatched out 5 chicks. She shares the coop with 4 other hens and a rooster. I had to build a little ramp coming out of the nest box because it was a bit high and one going to the ramp that leads outside. At two days old they already know how to use them and they're very happy to follow mum outside to the run which is quite large for some food and water. Being silkies they are soooo tiny, I can fit all 5 in one hand, yet they wander around with their mum and all the other hens and roo. At first the roo and hens ran away from the chicks and then they'd freeze and stare at them when they'd come close to them but now they're all fine. The roo gave one the lightest peck when it was getting a bit pushy with him and mum didn't run to the rescue but she didn't really need to, he was fine and just ran back to mum. I suppose every flock is different but this is the first time any of mine have seen chicks yet they're all very good to them and at just two days they're keen to stay out almost all day, even though they start to fall asleep and mum tries to get them to go back to the nest!! They're adorable! Good luck! Watching them learn and grow is so much fun!!
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    My silkie has been sitting on eggs for 3 weeks and they were due yesterday still nothing she lets me candle them this time I tried the water candling test no wiggles I made sure it wasn't piped should I removes it I have a batch of eggs in my incubator that are due to hatch 2/26 would it be ok to put some of those under her so she can hatch something
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    That would work... I have frequently had hens sit for 4 to 6 weeks if I had trouble getting eggs for them. The biggest thing to make sure of is that her health is good... if you go back a few pages on this thread, or search my posts on here you will find a number of them with treat suggestions to bolster them during the longer sit. Good luck with her hatch!
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    It can take several days more for chicks to hatch...21 days after being set is the typical average. Environmental conditions can alter that by a day or two either way.

    I personally would never put a fertile egg I want to hatch in water for risk of removing the bloom that protects the egg from bacteria and especially not at point of hatch for fear of harming the embryo by interupting air flow or hatch position.

    I would wait another day or 2 at most, then candle by light. Likely nothing is happening by then, but you can tell if any chicks are even developing.

    then, yes you can put the incubator eggs under her to brood if she still appears willing.

    Lady of McCamley
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    Feb 17, 2014
    she is a catalana hen............i dont know if they are of the broody breed............

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