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    It's a bit harder with broody hatched chicks as mom does the work and often resents any intrusions. The chicks also rightly look to mom for protection and will run away and hide in her when small babies.

    However, treats are welcome by mom and chicks, and in time they run to you when you approach.

    I don't try to handle the babies too quickly though, as I don't like to stress my broody hens, but mine are especially hormonal with their babies.

    If your hen is tame and allows you to handle her without resentment, you can handle the chicks too. Cluck at them when you approach with treats, and make their experience with you happy which will reinforce that you are a nice experience to be sought out.

    However, even if mom is protective and you don't handle them at the beginning, they quickly learn you have the treat bucket and tame down when they get to be youngsters. I do try to handle my youngsters so that my chickens come when called and allow me to pick them up for treatments.

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    Ok guys thanks for advice
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    I have had my incubator on for 2 days now and my hygrometer arrived yeastarday, and i put it in before i went to bed and i went up this morning and it said the temp was 35.7 and the humidity was 61%, i got the temp up to 37.7 - 37.5 but i havent got the humidity down yet. Will this wreck the hatch, is it too late or is there still a chance, :/ the reason i put it on with out my hygrometer was because it the box said it was accurate im going to get another thermometer later to make sure it was right. Any help please :/ thanks
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    I wonder if you copy and paste your incubator question to a Incubator Thread might get you a quicker answer.
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    Apr 14, 2013
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    Alaskan... I tried to do a post to give a few pic to reinforce the previous explanation of some of our broody set up... and ended up with it in the wrong broody thread! I loose track sometimes, sorry, but I can't get it to replicate from one thread to another but here is the link for the page the post is on. It doesn't specifically address your situation, but shows that even in close quarters many hens can stick to their nests even when seeing other chicks....
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    I'd compare the wait to the final days of my pregnancy…. minus the heartburn and waddling while I walk. [​IMG]
    I'd compare the wait to the final days of my pregnancy…. minus the heartburn and waddling while I walk. [​IMG]
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    my silkie has gone broody today if she stays ill give her 7 eggs sunday this will be her first time :D
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    I have my first broody!!!
    I do have a few questions to those who have had the experience;

    - how many eggs could reasonably fit under a broody ( realize the size of the breed is a factor), She is a Salmon Faverolle.

    - How long after the first eggs hatch might she sit for? I just got some shipped eggs that would only be behind the originals by 5 days. It that too far apart?
    (if it is it's ok, I have a friend who is willing to incubate them for me)

    Thanks in advance!

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