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Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by FarmerBoy24, May 1, 2011.

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    Sorry I was on my mobile most of the day, I was composing my picture post when you posted about the ants and totally missed it...

    here are a couple of links I found which may be of interest...

    Vinegar (for acidic content) and citrus juices seem to be the most often mentioned...

    Hopefully one of them works for you...
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    May 15, 2010
    Three hatched from this weekend!

    About how long might the broody accept more chicks if I wanted to add a few?
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    Some will accept only the first couple of days, once they are off the nest showing their little ones how to scratch and such they won't be as careful about new ones.... there is a huge difference in the mobility of a day old vs a 3 day old. If you are grafting beyond 2 or 3 days then do so when you are able to be around to make sure the new chicks don't get 'left behind' when mama takes her other ones out and about.

    Other hens will take them up to the first week, some hens will take a chick of nearly any age as long as they are in a 'broody state' and caring for other chicks (I have one hen like this)

    Be careful if adding chicks more than a few days apart in age to prevent the new ones from being over run (bullied) or even hurt by the original ones, even moreso if there is much of a size difference and the new ones are the smaller breed. If the new ones are a larger breed it may not be as much of a risk.
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    After just a very quick peek, 2 of the expensive shipped Buckeyes have hatched as of this morning, and one more egg had a pip. .no sign of a big ant infestation just a few straggling scouts (whew)....updates and photos later.

    Lady of McCamley
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    Mar 19, 2011
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    Thank you fisherlady for all those links...I'll look through them when I have some time. Fortunately cleaning out the food spill/poo mess belayed the ant issue...a few scouts but no swarms...and the weather heated up today which also helps drive them underground again.

    Buckeyes are hatching! (Had 2 out and a 3rd pipping this morning). [​IMG]

    Lady of McCamley
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    Jul 13, 2012
    Question for all the experts :)

    I'm worried about my 2nd broody. Went out after work and she was laying outside of the nest kinda sprawled out. I got her out and took her to the waterer (she has one in the kennel too) and she wouldnt drink. But she did poop this yellow, foamy poop :( (note, I looked at the poo chart and it looked like a cecal poo). She kinda walked around for a bit, scratched then plopped down on the floor of the coop. I'm not sure what to do, she has me worried. Her butt is all poopy too but I checked and the vent looks good, so I dont know what I can do for her. I did clean most of the poo off with a damp paper towel and got her to drink a bit more. She laid down on the coop floor again so I put her in the door of the kennel then she got right on the nest and hunkered down. She is panting too. She was fine this morning. What can I do to help her out?
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    Feb 3, 2014
    I only had two eggs hatch and one chick died shortly after birth. (Shipped eggs) My broody did a great job though. I decided to give her 5 more baby chicks. She wasn't too sure about them at first, but now is contently sleeping on all of them. Here's my favorite pic of the afternoon:

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    If your ambient air temps are over 90 you may need to provide her with some extra ventilation to prevent her overheating.
    If she has been setting very long she may be loosing condition, some birds just don't tolerate the brooding process as well. I have some hens that never seem to loose and ounce or skip a beat while setting and others seem worn out before week 3 rolls around.
    Do a close inspection of her to make sure there are no lice or fleas/ticks or any other parasites on her... broodies seem to be prone to them.

    To help her out you can provide her with a variety of tempting and healthy snacks, fresh fruits, chopped fresh veggies, yogurt, cooked fish, cooked chicken, boiled liver, cooked scrambled eggs, hulled sunflower seeds or crushed peanuts (unsalted), raisins, oatmeal fixed with brown sugar or maple syrup. Try for higher protein contents. You may need to provide a choice of 2 or 3 in a dish and place it right in the nest with her. Along with the treat choices I also always provide our broodies with a few Tablespoons worth of Chick Starter food (medicated or not is your choice).

    I also will frequently offer the broodies a drink of water when they are setting on the nest... if I am in the coop doing chores or whatever I just take a moment to encourage her to eat or drink. A couple of our hens really like the hamster type waterer (Walmart sells them in pet department for pretty cheap)... but if you use one of those make sure it is positioned in a way that if it leaks it won't fill the nest with water but the hen can still reach it.
    I put Apple Cider Vinegar in their water also (about a Tablespoon per gallon) but it needs to be the type which has the 'mothers' in it. You can also add chick saver or other similar electrolyte to the water if you want.
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    They are adorable [​IMG].. what a great shot, too! Looks like they are all learning quickly to pay attention to her!
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    Except the rebel one in back! LMBO

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