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Mar 16, 2011
I have a GLW that has been laying for a few weeks and now sits on the nest constantly. I did see her out one morning eating with the others, and today we saw her out at the waterer getting a drink. So she is at least occationally getting up to eat and drink. My question is.. what should I do?
I don't have a rooster, there is no way she's going to hatch an egg. When she was off the nest today there were 3 eggs in the nest. Should I take them away when she gets up? should I just leave them and will she give up someday? I don't need the eggs and will throw them away anyway. It's been 4 days of this now.. in that 4 days I have only seen her outside twice, but I have no idea if she gets the food and water that is inside the coop, I can't see inside from the house. Every time I've gone out to check on her she's sitting. I'm gone for most of the day, so again.. I don't know if she's eating or drinking much. She seems to look okay. I really don't know what I should do..
. any advice is appreciated.. thanks
There is a great broody hen thread here with many experts. You might try posting this question there. Good luck, I've heard this can be an uphill battle.
You have a couple of choices.

Keep taking the eggs away from her and hope she grows tired of it. You don't want to leave unfertile eggs with her. The longer the eggs stay in the nest the greater the chance they'll get broken. Broken eggs can get eaten and start a nasty habit. I wouldn't let her go on too long though. Setting hens are only taking in a fraction of the daily nutritional requirements and get thin quickly.

Find her some fertile eggs to set. Just a couple of chicks is enough to make a broody hen happy.

Break her. Isolate her in a cage, preferably a wire one, with absolutely nothing in the cage that she can use to make a nest out of. It may take a couple of days or it may take a week or more.
I had a broody Jersey Giant and basically, I just kept going out there whenever I had the chance and tossing her out into the yard and taking any eggs. Took a few days, but it was easy enough.
HA! Try that with a silkie. Assuming you have any fingers left to type with, come back and tell us about it.
Thank you all for your replies.

I picked her up this morning and put her out the door with the others. She went willingly with no fuss at all. I cleaned the nest and hopefully she will not be in it when I get home from work tonight !!

If she is at least I know I can get her off and get the eggs out.
I appreciate all of you!
thanks again.
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