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Good Morning, firstly please let me say I LOVE your page, and get great joy out of your photos and posts. Now on another note, I need your help. My Plymouth Rock is broody and we have put some fertilised eggs under her. She has been on the eggs for almost 1 week. The problem is she doesn't appear to be leaving her nest to eat or drink. Yesterday, after 2 days of not being sure if she had left her next, I forced her off and she drank for around 5 minutes, ate a little and then headed back to the nest. This morning I again forced her off, she had one mouthful of water and only a little food before getting back to her eggs. She is in a seperate coop with food and water but neither appear to have been touched and she is in the same position in the afternoon when I get home from work so I don't think she has moved all day. I am in Brisbane, Australia, and it is almost summer, the days are getting quite hot so I am really concerned that she will dehydrate. Can you offer any suggestions? A million thanks in advance.
Well, she could VERY well b egetting off without you knowing. Plus, some hens wont budge for 3 days, fill their crop with food and water, poop, then start sitting, all in a 10 minute time period. But I would put water near her nest and just make sure you force her to drink every now and then :)
Hello and welcome to BYC from Kentucky! We have relatives living in Toowoomba. About your broody hen. We just went through this with a silkie hen. We placed her food and water very close to her and could tell she was actually eating and drinking if just a little. I'd think your PR probably is getting off the nest when you are not around to see her. Our silkie on day 20 finally hatched out 15 babies and started eating and drinking as before becoming broody. I think your PR will be OK. I don't know if I would want to take her off the nest. She could decide to stop being broody if taken off the nest too many times. We hope you post those baby chick images once they hatch. Congratulations to your broody hen!

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