Broody hen


6 Years
Sep 4, 2017
new zealand
Hello, i have a broody hen thats in with a group of 12 other hens and a rooster. Shes only youngish just under a year 9 months or so old.
Can she hatch eggs with the others in the coop? Or shall I put her in a seperate place to sit and hatch.
Is it better to let them have babies or to break the broodyness?
Any ideas on how to break broodys? Ive herd of putting in a wire cage with no bedding?
Thanks for any advice
Howdy chipens

You might want to check out this thread; it should help with most of your questions:
Topic of the Week - Broody hens

Good luck!
Thanks, hadn't seen that one.
I've made a pen with a cut down barrel houseand im going to try using her instead of my incubator :D
I have used broodys before but they were our wild free range hens, not in a penned flock situation.

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