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May 26, 2012
It looks like I might have a broody hen
. She hasn't left the nest since yesterday morning. Since I only have 4 hens (only one other with her) and have been collecting eggs every day I can't imagine she would have many eggs. Can I add eggs to her nest? How would I do this? I assume I would do this at night, can I take some from the fridge or just the fresh ones every day (I only get 2 or 3). If she started yesterday how long can I add eggs?

Thanks in advance for the advice.
i wouldn't add eggs in with her you are supposed to wait 3 days to see if she is broody but then if you add more eggs the hatch will be staggered .. what breed of hen s it ?? you have a rooster right stupid question but just wondering
I do have a rooster but have never seen them mate. I have seen him chase her around but she always hops onto the roost to get away. The coop is fairly large for only 2 hens and a rooster (8ft X12ft) so I have a concern that the eggs may not be fertile. The 3 of them are Barred rock, if she is broody I will add some Rhode Island Red eggs to the mix. Thanks for the advice, I will wait a few days to make sure.
I am sure she is broody she has been on the nest every time I check on her for 4 days. She only has one egg. I have some to add to her tonight but out of habit I refrigerated some of them. When I realized I pulled the refrigerated one out, will they be any good??? or should I just add the fresh ones from today.
Also if she has one egg how late is too late to add eggs???First broody so many questions.
well i wouldn't do it myself because i did this and my broody hen left the nest with her two chicks that hatched and left like 4 eggs that were still developing but if you had a silkie they are known to stay on the nest until all the eggs hatch

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