BROODY HENS Available near Houston Texas pick up only


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8 Years
Jul 19, 2011
I have 2 white rock and 1 Welsummer and 1 buff Cornish Broody hens. I cannot break them from this habit. The Cornish has just been separated from her brood. She may be starting to lay again, but she will sit if left with eggs. The Welsummer also had a brood last summer, and is not doing anything but sitting. Even when I take eggs away daily, that the other hens lay, they stay on the empty nest. The 2 white rock and the Welsummer have to be picked up and put in the hen house at night. As soon as I open house in am they are back in nest box. I have a separate nest box house for my hens. Since I sell eggs, these hens are fun to watch with their babies but not very productive to me. I love my hens and they have to go to a good home. They get the best of everything here, and are very healthy and well cared for. The 2 White rocks are from a breeder in Florida, but the others are from Ideal. They are very friendly birds. I would really like to see someone who would enjoy watching these hens with the baby chicks have them. I will post photos of them later. I live about 1 hour Northwest of Houston. Please email for further info.
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