Broody hens problem????

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May 30, 2009
i have a big problem, at first i had two silkies that were broody which was fine. my cochins were not quite a year yet and not broody so my silkies were laying on my eggs well know my cochins are broody. and now my other two silkies are broody i have a total of 4 silkie hens and i have no silkies to lay eggs because they are all broody, my two first silkies have been broody for over 8 weeks i have tried to take them off their nest, they just go right back on kick off the cochins and steal the eggs from them!!!. i have put my rooster up so he will not bother them so they can have some piece for awhile, i have been told they should not be broody for a long time my silkies . what should i do, i have hatched out 9 chicks and number 10 will be coming in a day or so.
thanks ma hen
If you are wanting to break her up, this is what you can do.
Get you a wire cage, have food water and nothing else in there.
Put the hen in and place the wire cage up on a few bricks just on the edges. don't leave any thing for her to set on.
The bricks will let air flow under her. It may take days for her to give it up. Did you let her raise the chicks?
If not this may be what she needs is to brood her clutch.
Best of luck, I have broody hens cropping up every day this is the year of the broody.
no i did not let her raise them . she is a great mom in the past , but when i go to sell them and she has no chicks she gets all nervous looking for them so this time i let her keep them till they are all nice and dry then i take them into the house and keep them.

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